Louis Pug rests all week. Sunday was no exception.

Except today he felt a bit left out.

I’ll let him explain.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I had to. I did want to be a part of my parents’ special breakfast: their very first Overnight Night Oat Parfait a la Angela. I wanted some, but they said I couldn’t because of something called chocolate. I dunno because chocolate kinda looks like that thing that comes out of my behind two times per day.

Not only could I not have breakfast, I couldn’t be a part of their outdoor breakfast. I barked. A lot. But they didn’t care.

Breakfast looked pretty. I am pretty!

The flowers in my yard are beginning to bloom, which means it’ll soon be 100 degrees here and I won’t be allowed outside. I have a bit of trouble breathing in temperatures over 75 degrees, and I hate it. I like to be anywhere my parents are.

When I have to stay inside, I can’t wake up and smell the mint.

I can’t spy on the Sunday VFW all-you-can-eat-tax-free breakfast eaters from our front porch. Once the vets (and not my doctor kind) told us that we could come to breakfast if we left our liberal views behind. I dunno what that means. I just like pancakes. Plus, there’s no one in our house named “liberal views.”

When I’m stuck inside, I miss out on important life lessons.

Why, yes. Yes, Yogi Tea, I am unlimited. Unlimited in my love for my brother Davey and unlimited in my jealously when my mommy hugs him and not me. Note my menacing presence in the background here:


I also want unlimited Sunbutter and I’m Nutstella Sandwiches. But they said no. Stupid chocolate.

Lucky for you, I’m smarter than that. I stole the recipe, though there’s not really a recipe. Just two pieces of bread, some spreads, and a banana.

Sunbutter and I’m Nutstella Sandwiches


(serves 1 human)


  • 2 pieces of your favorite bread, toasted
  • 2 T of sunbutter (sunflower butter)
  • 2 T of vegan nutella (make your own or you can buy a not-Nutella, Nutella at Whole Foods etc.)
  • 1 banana, sliced

Since y’all are smart, you can figure out the next part. Spread your spreads evenly on two sides of the bread.

Cover one side with bananas:

Smash it together:

Share with Louis Pug. Please?!

OK, fine. I’m gonna take a nap. You suck.



16 Responses to “Sundays with Louis: Day of Rest”

  1. Louis is not an only child?

    That sandwich looks good.

    • Well, Davey is sort of like his step-brother. Kind of a long story which I promise to explain to you.

      I should’ve mentioned in this post that I owe a new sunbutter obsession to you! And I have a draft email to you about the chia pudding. I’ve been experimenting.

      • Can’t wait to hear the story. And can’t wait to hear on the chia pudding experiments. I can definitely use input :) I was just glad the almond butter cacao nibs one turned out in time for my April in the Raw slot.

  2. louis, you can always try carob…everyone says it’s kinda like chocolate, but better for you…and if it makes you feel any better i cannot stay outside when it’s 100 degrees…i find it kinda gross…


  3. Dear Louis and your people too,
    DELICIOUS sandwich. Hang in there. The parents typically drop crumbs, leave the sandwich to answer the phone–and leave the door open just a tad. Always look for opportunity.
    – Mollie the dog and her person (who blogs for SunButter)

    • Hi Mollie the dog and her person!

      I always hang in there, like all the time, whenever someone is in the kitchen. I wait and I wait. I usually get lucky.

      And thank you for SunButter. I think my mommy likes it just a little too much.

  4. aww, rough day, Louis! My dog once ate an enitre box of oreos and survived to tell the tale…but I don’t think he felt very well afterward, so I don’t recommend this.

    vegan nutella?? yum!

    • Thanks for the advice, but I think I’ll still try to eat some chocolate if I can, if maybe my parents are careless. Even if it’s bad for me! I love eating things off the floor!

      (And yes, there is apparently a raw nutella! See below!)

  5. ugh, how could anyone say no to that FACE?!

    also, this stuff is amazing and it’s vegan and raw:

    • You can’t say no! It’s impossible.

      Um, what is this rawtella business? And where do I find it?! I’ve never seen it at my Whole Foods.

  6. DAVEY! Looking good boo boo! Louis is such a wise lil puggy! <3 the doggies so much.


  7. Poor Louis. How could anyone say no to those eyes? I think mom and dad are bordering on neglect, here… And hugging your brother in front of you?!? Salt to the wound, my little snub-nosed friend.

    (Mom, your breakfast really DOES look amazing!)

    • My mom and dad are lovely, but sometimes mean. They tell me I can’t have all the attention. GRRR.

      (Yes, so good! Best Sunday morning breakfast ever. And that’s saying a lot.)

  8. LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so cute!! And your personality is so similar to your cousin Sully’s it’s almost scary. He would give anything for that sandwich as well!

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