Hi, human friends!

Another Sunday. Another week done. Another day I wasn’t allowed to eat the same things as my parents.

We woke to a sunny day. I knew this was the day. The day I’d be invited to breakfast on the front porch. The day I’d get to eat this:

But no. No. No. NO! I had to stay inside while my (evil) parentmonsters ate their ice cream and pie breakfast and their french pressed coffee and their bowl of fruit. I like ice cream, pie, and fruit. Heck, I even like coffee grinds (is it grounds?).

There's No Cream in that Creamer, OK?

I may have been mad as hell, but I still thought about all your shining faces. So I took the dessertforbreakfast breakfast recipe and chomped on it until my momster (mom + monster = you’re smart enough to get it) promised I’d also get some blueberry treats of my own.

I got a walk:

I saw some flowers:

I barked at this silly man who was running while talking on his cell phone while crossing the street (people today!):

Well, imagine my surprise when my blueberry treat came in a box:

Not in a glass.

It was vegan. Plus side!

Imagine my surprise when my blueberry treat came from the second best place on earth (first best being my parentmonsters’ my bed):

My blueberry treat was crunchy and delicious, but it wasn’t this:

So I stole the recipe again, and lemme tell ya, bribes pay off. I got a present. My favorite toy in the world…the beehive!

I love these bees. I slobber all over their cute faces. And because a happy pug means happy readers, I’m sharing the real blueberry pie oats with you.

Don’t be Blue…Berry Pie Overnight Oats

(inspired by Oh She GlowsOvernight Oat Parfaits)

(serves 1)



  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1.5 T chia seeds
  • 1 cup cashew milk (or any other non-dairy milk)
  • 1/4 t vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1. Combine all ingredients in a tupperware (with a matching lid) and store in the fridge overnight.

In the morning you’ll have amazing oats, no cooking required.

And if you like to be super fancy, layer your oats with some banana softserve. If you don’t know what banana soft serve is, you better change that fast. According to the genius that is Gena, your life might change.

That’s it. Pick a pretty glass, layer oats then banana soft serve then oats etc. Top with blueberries and a “crumbled up” quick cook “buckwheat blueberry zucchini muffin” (recipe tease!).

Now. Back to my bees.

Mind your beeswax!

PS -Davey the Beagle did not find that joke funny.




10 Responses to “Sundays with Louis: Don’t be Blue..berry Pie Overnight Oats”

  1. so cute. thanks for the laughs louis!!!

    the brekkie looks and sounds amazing…thanks for sharing the recipe!

    my jackson would have ripped that beehive to shreds in seconds…you’re a very good boy louis for allowing the toy to stick around…and not cleaning out your parentmonsters bank account!!! haha!

    • Aw. Jackson- Louis hears you. Louis likes to rip apart the beehive too, but it just takes him a while. Hopefully this beehive lasts a little longer than the last one!

  2. Mmmm, soft serve. Thanks for bringing that up while I sit in calculus. I may leave class early to make some.

    • Ha. Sorry! You’re the one who unleashed the banana soft serve monster into my life! Hope you made some today.

  3. Louis,
    Come visit us and we will let you run and play and even eat on our patio in Beantown. And you know you will get really good treats!

  4. Mom, Dad- See how great Kate’s pictures now look? A camera like this would make a great graduation gift for your youngest daughter :)
    Kate, please make this for me when I come? It looks and sounds delish.

  5. Louis, you are one lucky guy to get a blueberry treat!

    Those overnight oats look heavenly! Layered with banana soft serve?? I’m going to have to try this asap.

    p.s. I didn’t know Davey was a beagle! I grew up with two beagles–Buddy and Uncle Leonard–who I only get to see when I go back home. LOVE beags :)

  6. As always, I love you muchly Louis. You’re awesome. I love that bee toy…what a cool thing! Also, I think that I might have to try overnight oats. I’m such a creature of habit…I’ve been avoiding them because I know how much I love my cooked oats in the morning. I’m always afraid that anything else for breakfast might just lead to disappointment.

  7. Sienna loves MAx and Ruffy’s and Hideabees too! Is your dog vegan?

    • Sounds like Louis and Sienna would be best friends! Those bees are his favorite, favorite. We ask the store to tell us when they get them in so we always have a backup. The bees often mysteriously disappear.

      As for the vegan question, the answer is no. Or at least not yet. I need to do some more research on it, but that’s not say I don’t feel conflicted about it. I’d definitely be curious to know your thoughts and suggestions.

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