Travel around and eat out enough as a hungry vegan, and you’ll stop feeling awkward about asking questions at restaurants. If you’re shy, you’re likely to get over that quick when you need to know whether there’s dead animal in a local diner’s Veggie Happy Cowboy Sandwich.

Last week Tommy Bean was in town, and because he is one of my most treasured road trippin’ companions, I was insistent that we haul our vegan booties to Clarksville, MD for a tasty meal at Great Sage. Though I’d been to the hidden treasure a few times before, it’s about an hour away from D.C. and it feels like an Event every time. The whole thing screamed mini-road trip.

By the time we made it through the hazardous conditions, we were kind of famished.

But it was 3 pm. which meant it was happy hour. Score.

And lite fare. I do not do lite.

Especially when it’s spelled “lite.”  No biggie. We just readjusted our thirst and our eating. Things didn’t get Dark’n'Stormy like this drink:

And I didn’t get fresh with the sweet waitress, but this ginger mojito was minty fresh and not too sweet.

Since I’m always exploring when I’m traveling and trying new restaurants, I like to sample a little of everything. “Lite fare,” regardless of spelling,  is actually kind of great. In fact, it meant we could be pigs on the cheap. We wanted one of everything, but when we told the waitress what we were thinking, she asked, all wide-eyed, but in a totally nice and helpful way, “How hungry are you?”


OK, then!

We pared down that menu, and ended up with a little bit of this:

A little bit of that:

Some of this! Pretty, non?

This happened:

Then this:

Magically clean plates:

Happy friend:

And then the Big Question. Room for dessert?  Sure, why not?

Something sinful arrived:

And that was the end of that. As we trudged home, bellies swollen, feeling pleased with our indulgent weekday trip and meal, I saw a possible sign of judgement. A temple to stare upon the asphalt.

You are a pig.

Hey, at least I didn’t eat one.

But then, after a few shortcuts that didn’t save us any time in traffic and far too many outbursts at other drivers, I realized something. It’s OK. I was born this way. Lady Gaga says so.

I mean, this man without a head practically runs and talks on a cell phone (and he is at least the fifth person in the D.C. area I’ve seen do the same thing). He seems pretty cool with that odd behavior.

And just after I saw the headless man, I saw Gena, walking along the road sans cell phone. Perfection because  this very weekend I will return to Great Sage with her and Valerie and we shall see just how hungry I really am.



4 Responses to “How Hungry Are You? Great Sage Part 1”

  1. that is an epic meal. love it. and I want one of everything you had!

  2. Amazing. I’m still scoping out the best vegan restaurants in Boulder; I’d like to try one that doesn’t just sub soy for everything, but instead uses some creativity, y’know? I am certain my quest will be successful, in time. Glad you made it through all the hazards safely ;)

    • Oh ya, I definitely know. That’s why NYC and LA remain the vegan meccas for their insanely creative veggie restaurants. I always imagined Boulder would hoppin’ with unique vegan restaurants? Is that not the case?

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