Last week’s restaurant…er…situation has made me a wee bit gun-shy when it comes to broaching any topic that could be deemed controversial in the blog world. And let me tell you, the blog world seems to have an insanely low tolerance for controversy. So while I can promise that nothing will deter me from opening my big mouth laptop, today we’re going to talk cabbage and hope no one will take offense. The worst thing you can say about cabbage is that you don’t like it. Or you only like it when the crispy leaves are shredded and doused in vegan mayo.

I hear ya.

Though I like cabbage, it’s one of those veggies that’s not only hard to eat a lot of, I often find myself stumped with what to do with it, especially when I’m stubbornly committed to eating raw.

For some reason, cabbage has been a frequent weekly visitor in my produce delivery box from Washington’s Green Grocer. Every single week I find the cabbage heads piling up in the back of my tiny fridge, staring at me with their oversized outer leaves, wondering if I’m ever going to get off my lazy a$$ and put them to good use. Continue reading »


Greetings from Boston! I’m busy exploring vegan eats and hilarious New Hampshire antique shops, and I’ll be back with a full report of the good, bad, and the bland. Fortunately, my radio silence here at Quick Cook Rice does not mean radio silence in life. I’ve been hanging with friends and stuffing my face. Just the way life was meant to be. 

Unfortunately I don’t live near most of my closest friends, so they can’t often pop on by for dinner or a I-was-in-the-neighborhood-tea-and-crumpets visit, and I’ve yet to prefect to the art of impromptu entertaining. You know the kind I mean. It’s totally up Martha Stweart’s alley — effortless entertaining that comes from throwing together this and that, a fancy jar of olives, a box of pasta, that expensive carton of specialty tomatoes, and voila, a gourmet meal that your friends think you slaved over for hours.

The only problem is that the beautiful impromptu spreads you see on TV have been prepped by interns working for free, slaving away in hopes of a bigger break and a bigger purse, and it’s a most likely a false reality.  Even impromptu entertaining, particularly the kind that Martha would deem worthy, still requires planning, thought, and teensy bit of elbow grease. Continue reading »


This week’s Sunday was no fun. I didn’t get any treats or special cookies accidentally dropped on the floor. I did get kale, but man, that’s gross. I seriously don’t understand that obsession.

The writer of this blog (no cute name for her because she ignored me yesterday) spent the entire day pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets. She ran around cursing something called ants and throwing out bottles of bottles of sticky sweet deliciousness just because they were full of ants. I don’t understand. Continue reading »

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