When you think of Boston, a variety of fun stereotypes probably come to mind. Depending on your familiarity with the city, such stereotypes could include wicked hilarious and/or hard to interpret accents, wicked cold winters, wicked famous clam chowder, wicked smaht colleges, wicked liberals, and wicked witches (of Salem).

Oh, I almost forgot the wicked serious sports fans.

When you grow up in Boston, explore the world, attend college in rural Pennsylvania and move to Washington, DC, you come to realize just how true those stereotypes can be. Sure, Boston is more than just accents, seafood and intense Red Sox fans. There’s history, museums, cobblestones, ducklings, Damons, and Afflecks. But Boston is a beloved subject of popular culture for a reason: it’s a city where Harvard (Yahd) intersects with Fenway Franks. If you’re thinking that Matt Damon’s relationship with Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting is a good metaphor for this odd hi-lo Boston conundrum, then I’d say you’d be right. Yous a smaht one (translated: you are a smart one). Continue reading »

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