Lately sharing has been caring and caring has been sharing great meals with great friends at Great Sage.

Great Sage is by far the best vegan food in DC. The sad part? It’s an hour from DC. Everyone should experience the wonder. Share it with your friends.

Hummus and Spinach Artichoke Dip. One of life’s very important rituals.

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Travel around and eat out enough as a hungry vegan, and you’ll stop feeling awkward about asking questions at restaurants. If you’re shy, you’re likely to get over that quick when you need to know whether there’s dead animal in a local diner’s Veggie Happy Cowboy Sandwich.

Last week Tommy Bean was in town, and because he is one of my most treasured road trippin’ companions, I was insistent that we haul our vegan booties to Clarksville, MD for a tasty meal at Great Sage. Though I’d been to the hidden treasure a few times before, it’s about an hour away from D.C. and it feels like an Event every time. The whole thing screamed mini-road trip.

By the time we made it through the hazardous conditions, we were kind of famished.

But it was 3 pm. which meant it was happy hour. Score.

And lite fare. I do not do lite.

Especially when it’s spelled “lite.”  No biggie. We just readjusted our thirst and our eating. Things didn’t get Dark’n'Stormy like this drink:

And I didn’t get fresh with the sweet waitress, but this ginger mojito was minty fresh and not too sweet.

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After this weekend, I can officially say I’ve graduated with a degree in Navigating Tricky Dining Situations (NTDS).

When someone graduates from law school, your in-laws are coming to town, and you’re the only vegan of the bunch in a city with only a handful of vegan-friendly restaurants, what should do you do?

A. Eat before and hope for salad

B. Panic

C. Obsessively plan and force your guests to eat food they hate

D. Compromise

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