For the Love of Real Food

In Washington, DC – the strange and somewhat unhip city I’ve called home for almost six years – I’m lucky to have a few good friends who have embraced a love of food and an interest in veganism. We often have potluck-style dinners – a great way to socialize and make new recipes. In potlucks’ early days, we’d have a theme, sometimes as simple as “salads,” sometimes as simple as “Mexican.” We’re a super original bunch.

But there was almost always a heavy animal protein component. Back then, many of us were “healthy eaters” by normal definitions: low fat, high protein, minimal to no dairy, lots of oats, beans, and lean turkey breast, sometimes the occasional fish dish. We were the product of a Clean Eating, Women’s Health, Fitness magazine generation, raised on Halle Berry promises and 5-meals-a-day mantras. Continue reading »

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