Hi, human friends!

Another Sunday. Another week done. Another day I wasn’t allowed to eat the same things as my parents.

We woke to a sunny day. I knew this was the day. The day I’d be invited to breakfast on the front porch. The day I’d get to eat this:

But no. No. No. NO! I had to stay inside while my (evil) parentmonsters ate their ice cream and pie breakfast and their french pressed coffee and their bowl of fruit. I like ice cream, pie, and fruit. Heck, I even like coffee grinds (is it grounds?).

There's No Cream in that Creamer, OK?

I may have been mad as hell, but I still thought about all your shining faces. So I took the dessertforbreakfast breakfast recipe and chomped on it until my momster (mom + monster = you’re smart enough to get it) promised I’d also get some blueberry treats of my own. Continue reading »


Louis Pug rests all week. Sunday was no exception.

Except today he felt a bit left out.

I’ll let him explain.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I had to. I did want to be a part of my parents’ special breakfast: their very first Overnight Night Oat Parfait a la Angela. I wanted some, but they said I couldn’t because of something called chocolate. I dunno because chocolate kinda looks like that thing that comes out of my behind two times per day.

Not only could I not have breakfast, I couldn’t be a part of their outdoor breakfast. I barked. A lot. But they didn’t care.

Breakfast looked pretty. I am pretty!

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This Friday Soon-to-be-J.D. and I made a date. And just like we were high school sweethearts (we’re not), we went to the mall. I needed a makeover. A life upgrade.

Note to self: life upgrades aren’t usually found at a 3-level mall with seven different fro-yo-Pinkberry-esque storefronts, a Love Sac store, and  a Louis Vuitton inside of Bloomingdales.

Fortunately, we could drive ourselves. Definite upgrade. We could also eat dinner and it wasn’t Panda Express. Major upgrade.

But unlike my high school relationship with the mall (unadulterated passion), this one didn’t end well. I didn’t buy a thing. No wardrobe upgrade. No makeup upgrade. No kitchen appliance upgrade. Definitely no MacBookAir upgrade (i.want.). Not even the allure of new Lululemon tops could sway me.

A $50 dollar shirt made of organic newspaper did nothing for me. A cowboy hat with leather trim from a trendy store? Not so much. I don’t eat animals, and I try not to wear them. Faux-vintage wears from Urban Outfitters? Um, no. The you’re-too-old-for-this-store-and-this-mall alarm went off the minute I walked in the door. The gleaming and chic aisles of the ultimate makeover spot? Nope. I think people would run for the hills if I actually wore makeup nowadays, all who is this girl? This real life girl?

I wasn’t looking for that type of makeover. Continue reading »

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