This weekend Soon-to-be-J.D. and I were in NYC stuffing our faces with amazing vegan food. Some of the food was quick cook rice approved: raw enchiladas, coffee shops where you don’t have to ask for the non-dairy milk, and the once-a-year NYC bagel covered in tofu cream “cheese.” Some of the food definitely falls solidly under the manfood category: pancakes, tofu scramble, and nachos. Neither category is better, though one is certainly a bit healthier.

NYC Babycakes Vegan Bakery

The thing is: I’m starting to believe that truly healthy eating is when we eat without regard for labels (except the vegan one for me). If you can tolerate certain ingredients and aren’t allergic, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t indulge in some vegan “junk” food once in a while. Continue reading »


Many, many years ago I planned to live in a castle, have a butler, a maid, and a garden maze. A wintry trip to Versailles and Windsor Castle cemented the plan. I was dazzled by mirrors and the allure of ballrooms.

Windsor Castle

That was middle school.

And yes, I realize I was little old to be living in a fantasy world.

Convinced I was born into either the wrong time, or to the wrong family (sorry, parents!), I spent much time tangled in a dream life. I professed my long term goal of world domination and success, including an estate with many wings to house my parents and extended family. I may have mentioned a wedding with fireworks.

Continue reading »


Chipotle Chili Mac & Cheese

If you’ve been following the Meatless Monday Manfood series for a while, you’ve probably seen that Soon-to-be-J.D. doesn’t exactly veer from a dietary path of pasta, pasta, and pasta.

To be fair, it’s not always the same kind of pasta. Sometimes there’s tomato sauce. Sometimes it’s a mac & cheese sauce. Sometimes there are frozen ravioli straight from the freezer. Continue reading »

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