I believe yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and I thought it would be appropriate to share my one religious awakening.

I was 7. Or maybe 8. And I was in the 2nd grade. Or maybe 3rd.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was on the verge of their First Communion. I was one of 4.5 kids in the whole grade who wasn’t 100% Catholic. I was the .5 by virtue of my non-practicing Jewish father and non-practicing Catholic mother. I think the other 4 were fully Jewish or members of another nebulous Christian religion whose intricacies meant little to my 7 or 8 year old self.

The more my classmates talked about their First Communions, the more I wanted one. The girls elaborated about their white dresses, with lace details and pearl accents. Lace details! Pearl accents! The boys bragged about the parties and the presents they were planning to buy with the tons of checks you’d apparently get after a Communion. Parties! Presents! Continue reading »

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